Monday, 25 August 2008


these are a few pictures of a storyboard for a children's animation/book, if you want to read and see the whole thing just go to my flickr stream and the set called alfie. its about a little boy called alfie, who lives at the top of a hill miles from anyone - he's lonely and is desperate to have a friend. It starts with his weekly journey to Yemley, the closest village for miles to do the weekly shop for his poorly father, on his journey he has to pass through the woods where no one passes through because there is a child-eating wolf! on his way back home, the wolf tries to eat him, but quick thinking alfie offers him supper at his house if he is hungry, the wolf accepts the offer thinking that he will eat alfie and his father for pudding only the father cooks such a big supper, that the wolf gets too full! on his way home, he thinks about how enjoyable the eveing was and how it would be nice not to be feared and have a friend for once! so the next day he goes back and sees if alfie wants to play... in the end they become best friends and any sequels could be their adventures together, meeting different woodlan animals.

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