Monday, 26 January 2009

Hairy German Beach Boy

Another one to screen print tomorrow

You've pulled

Part of the exhibition i have in a few weeks for 'Lets go Riding' at LS6 cafe. Im screen printing this tomorrow so fingers crossed it all goes to plan

Meet the gang

Just a few quick photos to show you Peter. Elvis and Cesil, little desk-pets i made for myself to keep me company whilst i'm drawing away

Monday, 12 January 2009

my Crimbo card

I know its late, but heres a pic of the crimbo card i sent out to family and special friends, Its hand screen printed and i cut around the trees and ears so they would stand up once it was folded in half

Russian Dolls

I bought my own blank russian doll set from Magma in manchester just before crimbo but haven't had time to do anything with them yet and whilst looking at Abbey Hendrickson's flickr today i came accross a whole bunch of them by different artists, these are my favorites but have a look and decide on your own here


here's a sneek-peek at the exhibition i am working on at the moment - it's got a riding theme, i'll keep you up to date with its progress!

Dolls House

I saw this on Art Moco today and fell in love! wouldn't it be amazing to live here?
'Heather Benning’s Dollhouse is a larger-than-life piece that was situated in a Saskatchewan field. The artist replaced the back of the house with Plexiglass, allowing for a typical dollhouse viewing. Inside, Benning had redecorated the abandoned house with furniture of the 1960s, when the house was left empty. Benning’s work is featured in the MADE in the WEST exhibit that closes in Calgary on June 8 and reopens in Edmonton on June 20. After the jump, we have a bit of Benning’s take on cows, what with their nice legs and television watching habits.' - text from Art Moco

Birds, Birds, Birds

I have been looking at a blogs today and came accross this beautifully inspiring one from Abbey Hendrickson, where i found this wonderfully vintage bird tree, i'm so jealous - birds are my favorite animals: there are so many different types, colours, shapes, i could go on all day! you can find her blog here, etsy and flickr.